Monday, June 12, 2017

Purchasing Our Own Demise.

Sometimes I would like to say screw the internet. Yes it's great for communication with people far away and commerce for finding those rare items or those thing only available from a vendor hundreds or even thousands of miles away. But it's not just killing the small local merchants who depend on walk in traffic, it's isolating us from our immediate neighborhoods and businesses.

I can't be the only one who wants to pick up and feel and examine an item before I buy it. Plus I like the ability and satisfaction of not only going to a store and getting what I want today but also of building relationships with small vendors with whom I share an interest.

For example over the last couple of years every single hobby shop in my city has closed its doors. Sure there are still places like Michael's and Hobby Lobby that are glorified big box stores that carry either very limited selection or none of those particular items you want because there is no volume or limited demand that don't meet their precious dollars of return per square foot of space requirements. They have no interest in getting to know their customers. Their attitude is buy what we offer at price we ask or get lost.

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