Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Stanford Prof: Don’t Say Your Homework Was Easy Because You Might Offend Other Students

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Truly demented.

To the mounting list of ways to possibly offend other students on college campuses these days, you can now add talking about your homework.

“Sure, you had no ill-intent, and absolutely nothing racist in mind at all,” Stanford Prof, Ruth Starkman writes in the Huffington Post. But by merely uttering the words out loud, you risk a microaggression because you don’t know who in class may have struggled with the assignment, she says.

Trying to explain why an assignment wasn’t too hard for you is also a microaggression, Starkman advises students at elite colleges like Stanford. So don’t even think about telling peers if you’ve already been exposed to a subject or idea in high school.

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  1. My favorite saying in college to other's was "the questions were so easy an idiot could answer them"....and never,not once did I consider that an aggression. Perhaps throwing the assignment at the professor and laughing while doing so and uttering the same statement might have earned a scholastic black mark of epic size at the time (like expulsion, failing grade and such)it would have been considered stupid and not aggressive either........the whole education world is jacked up these days. Suggestion to the young: Learn a skill.