Sunday, June 18, 2017

Texas Gov. Abbott Signs Anti-Shariah Law Bill Into Law

Via Billy

 Thank you Governor Abbott for signing our House Bill 45 - a vitally important bill to further safeguard and protect our Constitutional rights!

In a move that’s angered Muslim groups, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has signed a bill that would ban Shariah law and other forms of foreign law from being used in Texas courts.

Texas House Bill 45 — more commonly known as the “American Laws for American Courts” bill — would require the “Texas Supreme Court to adopt rules and provide judicial instruction regarding the application of foreign laws in certain family law cases.”

It states that “litigants in actions under the Family Code involving a marriage relationship or a parent-child relationship are protected against violations of constitutional rights and public policy in the application of foreign law and the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitration awards by courts of this state by a well-established body of law.”

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