Wednesday, July 19, 2017

9 Critical Concealed Carry Lessons: Ep. 2 Revolver or Pistol for CCW?

When I asked one of my friends (shout out to Noto) what he thought about revolvers, he told me it was the only choice. More often than not in this country, a scenario you are likely to use lethal force in starts with an assault, at contact range. In his years of conducting undercover and teaching it, one rule was true 100 percent of the time. An auto is always fouled as soon as it comes out, either with hands or trapped in clothing.

Therefore, in real-world situations, an auto has a capacity of one, while a revolver has the capacity of at least five (or eight if it’s the new hotness from Smith & Wesson). Between us girls, this is something I didn’t really know either. It certainly has made me reconsider going to a J-Frame. I say that as someone who has experience dishing out violence. It was my full-time job for a decade and a half.*I don't get it.

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  1. Everyone has their own preference. I carry a Taurus 605 Poly "snubby" (2&1/4 inch) .357 revolver with 5 Hornady hollow-points. No need to remember to "flick" the safety. In most cases 5 rounds will be sufficient to see me through the "incident till help arrives.

    1. I wasted money on numerous holsters tying to find one for either my Glock 21 or 30 that I would wear 100% of the time, but to no avail. The best I have been able to come up with is a pocket holster for my LCR .357 with Speer LE Gold Dot Duty Ammo 158 grain, but I carry two reloads on my belt since 5 might not be sufficient as we just never know. I do keep a .45 close at hand though.

  2. This little old Granny carries a .380 Sig on me (hard to hide anything on a 104 lb frame) and a H&K VP9SK in my purse. Then.... a Charter Arms .38 special handy. Of course I could always beat someone with my cane (smile)