Wednesday, July 19, 2017

NYT: At This Rate, It Will Take 11 Years to Get all of Trump's Nominees Confirmed

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Dozens of President Trump's nominees are waiting for their confirmations to move forward as Democrats embark on "historic obstructionism," according to several Republican lawmakers. Yet, the GOP isn't the only one to have noticed the maddening delays. The New York Times is now reporting on the brand new "delaying tactic" the Democrats are employing to deny Trump his nominees.

Here's how the tedious process is unfolding.

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  1. That is the point of it all. We ARE in a cultural civil war. The vile and evil politicians shown above do have a very clear agenda. First, is to stay in power at all costs for as long as possible (and by extension make as money as possible). They have a degree of hatred for us (aka everyone who is not fully behind them) that we can not understand. We are THE enemy that must be totally subjugated or exterminated. Yes, I am using the word exterminated. They will NEVER forgive the American public for not anointing, ah, voting for Hillary the Evil to be POTUS. They have no moral compass. None. The god the worship is power. Delaying the nominees for as long as possible is their means of revenge against Trump and the American public.