Thursday, July 6, 2017

A Way Out Of Health Care Impasse: Leave It Up To States

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 Image result for cruz A Way Out Of Health Care Impasse: Leave It Up To States

 Senator Mitch McConnell’s inability to cobble together a bill that 50 Republicans can support replacing ObamaCare reflects the diversity of health care needs, demographics, economic levels, and opinions on government’s role in the nation itself. One size does not fit all, particularly where health care is concerned.

The key to making this work is to let each state tailor the program to its own needs.

President Trump, Speaker Ryan, and Senator McConnell should unite on a four-part solution to the current imbroglio:

1. Leave it up to each state to decide its level of participation in the new health care system. Use the federal legislation to create a menu of options. Then pay the states the cash equivalent of the services and subsidies it is opting not to take under the federal program.

The need for a state-by-state approach is evidenced by how about half of the country opted to participate in the Medicaid expansion while the other stayed out (even with no federal payment of the cash equivalent).

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