Monday, July 10, 2017

Canada's Confederacy....and Canadian Confederates.

Via Dale

My Canadian built Canadian themed truck in a Canada Day parade with Confederate flag plate and Canada flag in tow, celebrated Canada's Confederacy with pride.

I raised the Confederate flag two years ago as a reminder that it symbolizes so many other things than racism or white supremacy. I raised it and stood behind it on the basis of it being: historic, honorable, for veterans, for family lineage. I grew up with it being a part of childhood on television, comic books, and books. It has flown in every war Americans have fought since it's creation, remains a key symbol of rednecks and rebels, and inspired generations of people with the Dukes of Hazard. It is also an indicator of a patriot to a great many. It's meaning is of Christian origin and a symbol to put in the fight of fights for one's beliefs and ethics.

I intended to write this article two years from the time I wrote my article regarding the Confederate flag. I never considered the relevance of the date; it is indeed Canada's 150th birthday celebrating Canada's confederacy. I was aware the Human Rights Commission would toss the matter aside and not seriously consider my application. I've held talks with the Human Rights Commission for 17 years, and I believe it's time to share my opinion publicly.

 Canadians have started to realize and understand why I filed my complaint and what my concerns are. In the last two years Canada has started to notice the same level of social, racial, and political division used against us that was used to attack the Confederate flag in the U.S. I was unfortunately familiar with filth politics, bullying, and being shamed into silence. Coincidentally I also studied the devastating effects that the islamic strategy of war inflicted onto other countries. As I said over two years ago, ignore a war it'll come to your door.


  1. At least there are some who are not bullied into silence,
    small tho they are. In Charlottesville, Virginia, Saturday,
    20-30 KKK members tried to protest to keep Robert E. Lee
    in Charlottesville. Over one-thousand communist protestors
    showed up with their rabid demeanor. When the KKK members
    were leaving, they were attacked. Unbelievable. The KKK
    members were non-aggressive.

    1. one-thousand communist protestors

      All paid by Soros. They have no convictions but filthy lucre.