Monday, July 10, 2017

Carpetbagging Southern History


A common technique of Liberal ideologues is to change the meanings of words to suit their agendas. So “illegal aliens” become “undocumented immigrants” and “adolescent criminals” become “justice-involved youths.” We’re witnessing a version of this phenomenon with the “contextualizing” of Confederate monuments. Realizing that the eradication of Confederate memorials was not receiving the widespread public support they expected, hostile progressives are easing up on their demolition tactics and have instead begun maligning the historical significance of the monuments. Plaques that deprecate anything related to the Confederacy are being placed on these historic monuments.

One of these Confederacy-disparagement campaigns is currently under way in Richmond, and is being orchestrated by its new Mayor, Levar Stoney. Mr. Stoney assumed office in January of 2017, getting only 35% of the votes in a controversial election involving eight candidates. Although only in his mid 30s, Stoney has years of active involvement in the Democratic party, working for Barack Obama’s presidential election as well as for the candidacy of Terry McAuliffe, who became Virginia’s governor. McAuliffe is one of our nation’s most corrupt governors, tainted by scandals.
 There are indications of vote tampering in his gubernatorial campaign, and McAuliffe refuses to turn over voting records requested by the State of Virginia. He also refuses to provide state voting records to the White House commission investigating the legitimacy of voters.

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