Wednesday, July 12, 2017

EVIDENCE: Supreme Court Justice John Roberts Was ‘Hacked’ By Obama Officials

Via Billy

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Evidence shows that John Roberts, chief justice of the United States Supreme Court, was “hacked” by a Deep State surveillance operation overseen by Obama administration CIA director John Brennan and Obama director of national intelligence James Clapper.

Roberts, the Bush appointee who made the decisive vote to uphold the constitutionality of Obamacare before the 2012 election, was allegedly the victim of the same Deep State surveillance program that spied on President Donald Trump.


  1. I've about had it. Story after story of corruption and illegal activities. But if they don't relate to President Trump...NOTHING. It is clear there needs to be investigations into Obama officials and their illegal surveillance and unmasking. Dozens of stories related to Clinton and Podesta involving corruption, influence selling, and outright bribes. Again, nothing, no investigations. It seems NOT ONE republican has any interest in Clinton and democrat illegal actions.

    Seriously, if there isn't investigations and if proven indictments. SOON then there is no hope. We are ruled by the elites of the deep state the politicians are just their tools. And we their slaves.


    1. Mind boggling! What is wrong with the Republicans?