Saturday, July 22, 2017

Last Confederate Soldier


Twenty years ago this Spring, I lost the greatest friend I never met, Lewis Grizzard. Throughout the 1980’s, Lewis Grizzard was literally the voice of the Deep South as he vocalized many of the feelings and frustrations many Southerners shared about remaining proudly Southern in a growingly intolerant culture, and he made us laugh our butts off in the process.

Lewis was a journalist at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution who grew up in Moreland, Georgia in Coweta County, and he was a lifelong Georgia Bulldog frenzied fanatic. He contributed regular columns about life in general (mostly Southern life), and began to publish some of his most popular columns in hardback compilations. Eventually, he branched out into authoring original books about Southern life, and started giving humorous lectures on promotional tours. His writings and musings struck a familiar chord with readers from all over the country, and he was frequently introduced to audiences as a cross between Will Rogers and Mark Twain.

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