Saturday, July 15, 2017

Military power comparison results for United States vs. Russia.

Via 4Branch "Here's a comparison chart showing USA and Russia.  

These numbers include no NATO forces. 

McCain, Graham and their cohort of idiots want to go to war with these guys, looking for another 'easy kill' just like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Putin is not a fool, he knows these numbers as well as anyone, and he knows his military's effectiveness. 

He also knows that war being forced on him, his only option is to nuke everybody in a first strike.  

A lesson learned from Israel, BTW.  His plan has to be launch on warning, to be effective. 

His judgement has to be perfect.  Hell of a strain for a guy to handle.  

We need to shut down the maniacs in our own camp. 

The Anti-Trump Repugnants are dangerous lunatics and ten times the threat that Putin is."


  1. Even more dangerous when you factor in the fact that the published numbers reflect the pre-Obama military and the post soviet era. They in no way reflect the modern military on ether side. Obama gutted the US Military and it will take years to rebuild to the standard set in 1966. Our "force" is at best 30 years out of date. The Russians have been building and modernizing since the day Vlad took office. NATO is an underfunded shell after Obama quit paying it's military bills. We go to war with Russia and we have maybe three days , and that is what our "masters" in DC want. They hate us for showing them "who is boss" with Trump, so now they want us to KNOW. We WILL obey or die. Crazy? Yep. Evil? Yep. Welcome to the New World Order.---Ray

    1. the published numbers reflect the pre-Obama military and the post soviet era.

      Where did you find this?

  2. This has been on the news , the web , and everywhere for years. Our available military force was castrated by Obama and his allies. A few examples. 80% of all the M-1 MBT ever produced are "out of service". The are setting stripped of fire control parts in depots around the US. Same Same almost all the M-2 and M-3 AFV's. The "strikers" have no chance against a Russian T-90. The USAF has at best 40% of its pre 2008 force flight worthy. The numbers for the Navy and Marine Corp are as bad. Because of "down sizing" the Navy only has enough sailors to man the fleet (six battle groups) that is currently at sea. Many of the ships lack ammunition, and repair parts which must be scrounged from bone yards and depots. Oh, and all this cones from the "Army Times" and other publications. Obama gutted the US Military. We could not fight a major war and win, if the Chinese landed in LA or Seattle. The Army that Reagan built is GONE. Down sized, used up in almost 30 years of seemingly endless wars, or just sold to the highest overseas bidder. The rest has been under funded for decades-Ray

    1. This has been on the news , the web , and everywhere for years.

      If their information, dated 2017, is incorrect, you should contact them. If so, please let me know the results.