Sunday, July 2, 2017

What's The Real Story on The NY 'Doctor'?

Via 4Branch

Image result for killer What's The Real Story on The NY 'Doctor'?

A doctor who killed another physician at a New York City medical center and wounded six other people before taking his own life had sent an email to a newspaper blaming hospital officials for wrecking his career, the New York Daily News reported on Saturday.
Yes, it was all the hospital's fault.

Let's see what we know.  The "doctor" was an immigrant; from Nigeria, it appears.  Reuters "mentions" that he obtained a medical degree from Dominica, but doesn't mention a few other things.

Like, for example, that his name is a muslim northern Nigerian name.  He apparently threatened to kill his co-workers, if this source is to be believed, and then carried out that threat.  Oh, and he has three prior arrests, all involving allegations of various improprieties with women, dating back to 2003.

It appears that he came to New York for the explicit purpose of carrying out this act; CBS New York says he was living in California, which certainly implies he went to a hell of a lot of trouble and this was no "random" incident.


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