Saturday, August 19, 2017

America’s Second Civil War

“They had found a leader, Robert E. Lee — and what a leader! … No military leader since Napoleon has aroused such enthusiastic devotion among troops as did Lee when he reviewed them on his horse Traveller.”

So wrote Samuel Eliot Morison in his magisterial “The Oxford History of the American People” in 1965.

First in his class at West Point, hero of the Mexican War, Lee was the man to whom President Lincoln turned to lead his army. But when Virginia seceded, Lee would not lift up his sword against his own people, and chose to defend his home state rather than wage war upon her.

This veneration of Lee, wrote Richard Weaver, “appears in the saying attributed to a Confederate soldier, ‘The rest of us may have … descended from monkeys, but it took a God to make Marse Robert.'”

Growing up after World War II, this was accepted history.


  1. Boston is crazy. People are cheering on antifa death squads.

    1. They sure put a lot in to for $25 and hour......:)

    2. No, I mean regular people. There were too many to put up money.

      They're cheering on the violence. And it's mostly white people doing the cheering.

      I quote Dr. Wilson (I think): "No matter how bad you think things are, they're worse."

  2. Brock, we're comin for ya. The Antigua. The Antigua. Gishdarn that spellcheck.