Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Conspiracy to Remove Trump at All Costs & Much More – Paul Craig Roberts

Via Billy

Absolutely brilliant as usual.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts agrees that Democrats, RINO Republicans, military complex and the Deep State want Donald Trump removed from the White House at any and all costs.

Dr. Roberts explains,

“That’s correct and, again, it’s several different interests.  The Democrats want him out because they want to be vindicated that he stole the election from them through some form of collusion with the Russians.  The military security complex want him out because they see him as a threat to their budget.  Trump normalizing relations with Russia—they don’t want that.  They need an enemy. The talk of pulling out of Syria also annoyed them.  They don’t want to give up these wars that keep people worried and willing to support the military. . . . The media is mad because Trump disproved all the smart people’s predictions of Hillary being a shoe-in.  Plus, Trump is elected by Americans considered to be deplorable.  The deplorables are white heterosexual males.  They are racist.  They are sexist.  They are homophobes.  They are gun nuts, and these are illegitimate people.  These illegitimate people elected Trump when all of the good people wanted to elect Hillary.  So, you have that kind of left wing crazed ideological element, as well. So, all of these things conspire against Donald Trump.

What is going on is essentially what Attorney General Robert Jackson warned all U.S. Attorneys about in 1940.  He said it is impermissible to pick a person and then go look for some crime he may have committed. . . . And, yet, that’s what the Special Prosecutor is doing in the case of Trump.  We have no evidence of any crime.  Even if there was some kind of Russian collusion, it’s not illegal.  It’s normal for incoming governments to have open discussions with foreign governments.  It happens in every administration.  It’s part of the transition team. . . In the case of Trump, there is no crime, but now there is a wide ranging investigation that has gone far beyond any sort of Russian contacts.”


  1. Another motivation is hubris and humiliation. The so called experts in the talking head mediation and the printed page/blog scribblers were exposed as the fools they really are for all the world to see. And the resent it.

    The entire Democratic party and their groupies, were certain it was a done deal that Hillary the Evil would be anointed POTUS. Those who had expended so much of their time, efforts and money were awaiting their due rewards, and the favors to be called in. They were humiliated when all those people they held in such open contempt for, voted the man who was never supposed to win. Their ego will never allow them to admit to themselves that they chose the worst possible person to be the standard bearer and leader. Actions do speak louder than words. The volume and magnitude of Hillary the Evils misconduct was such that nothing could be written or said to hide her amoral character. She was a reflection of themselves. They are filled with a Satanic fury that the "Deplorables" had the audacity to actually defy them. That is an unforgivable offense.

    The media/entertainment complex are suffering the worst possible fate, they are being ignored. They can not stand it. Every single day Trump remains in the Oval Office, is a mocking reminder of how shallow, empty they really are. For all the world to see. They will never back down. They can not. Their egos demand the attention of others.

    As for military-defense complex, nothing personal here. They would see as an enemy, any president that would upset their money making racket. War is a racket. It is a matter of survival. Defending the country/Constitution is mere fiction. The Pentagon needs a forever war or threat of war to justify its existence and budget. It needs a boogie man to frighten the American Sheeple with. It is more profitable to supply the military than the commercial sector. It is a double win for any political to claim he has brought jobs to his district (via a defense sub contract) and thus showing support for our troops.

    Those who appease evil hate those that confront it. The evil of the above mentioned is on full display, they can not hide it. They refuse to repent.