Friday, August 11, 2017

Disney’s pro-gay cartoon for preschoolers: 12 facts you need to know

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Disney Junior released an episode of a cartoon aimed at preschoolers that depicted two "married" lesbian moms.

Doc McStuffins, a show about an aspiring doctor who "fixes" toys with help from friends, featured a family led by two "moms" in its August 5 episode "The Emergency Plan."

Although Doc McStuffins has been praised by many cultural critics for its depiction of a young African-American female doctor, it's now under fire for its most recent episode pushing same-sex "marriage."

Here are 12 facts about Doc McStuffins.

1. The creator of the show, Chris Nee, is in a same-sex 'marriage.' 


Nee has admitted the show gets "political."

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  1. Television writers insert propaganda wherever they see fit. There is a quota to insure that blacks are represented. That's why one will see a black family in a skiing scene in lily white New Hampshire. NCIS, which despite cast changes remains very popular, is subject to the same propaganda. Witness a recent show that campaigned against incarcerating terrorists at Gitmo. Lesbians on Doc McStuffins is unacceptable in my opinion, but I'm sure the LGBT community likes it. Anyone who objects to the propaganda should send a letter to the producer and turn the show off. I boycott shows and movies that feature loony left actors or actresses. When the ratings tank someone will get the message.

    1. When the ratings tank someone will get the message.


    2. What I want to see is regular people making their own cartoons. We could do it. YouTube would block advertising for the cartoons, so a different platform would be needed. But it'd be very possible. People get together all the time to build churches and homes, feed foreigners, etc. Why not create cartoons?

    3. Good point and hadn't thought of this.