Friday, August 11, 2017

The far-left has an idiotic new craze: reduce economic growth

Via Billy

For rich countries? A 4-6 percent economic decline would be the endorsement of a permanent great depression. Again, employment, living standards, productivity, and aspiration would all fall by the wayside. And as individuals jockeyed to survive, corruption would grow endemic. 

Forget innovations such as new medicines, new iPhones, and high-value research. The future would be bleak, and perpetually so.

But don't take Hickel's word or my attestations for it.

Ask the people of Vietnam. Once communists, (They still are) they are now the world's most avowed proponents of capitalism.

They are the proof of Hickel's lie.


Even the Soviets sought to maximize economic output. But today's contemporary far-left are far bolder: they believe that economics itself is wrong.

From their perspective, government shouldn't simply control the means of economic production (socialism), it should actively work to reduce gross domestic product (GDP).

Enter Dr. Jason Hickel of the London School of Economics, a man on a crusade to end "the tyranny of GDP."

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