Thursday, August 3, 2017

Red States for California Secession


California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has given the green light for CalExit proponents to begin collecting signatures for a California secession ballot initiative in the 2018 general election.

This is good news. California is the logical place to begin having a conversation about secession, and every red state American should be actively supporting the proposal.

As California goes, so goes Oregon and Washington, and in the not so distant future perhaps Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. Maybe Hawaii might finally get the chance to regain its independence.

One can dream.

What would this mean for red state America?

Imagine a world without Senators Pocahontas, Crazy Bernie, Diane Feinstein, or Kamala Harris?

Add to that list Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, and even Susan Collins and the Congress becomes a much more hospitable place.

Imagine all the red state people living in peace with no Deep North or West Coast hell.

It’s easy if you try.


  1. If it actually ever happens you can expect Eastern Oregon and Washington to form a new state, a very Red state.

  2. America without California sounds like an improvement. Maybe they can merge with Mexico.


  3. The principle of "free and independent States" is enunciated in the Declaration of Independence upon which the Constitution is premised. Also there is NO power delegated to the United States to prevent any State or States from secession without which it may do NOTHING. And if California wants to secede, then surely it will be agreeable for its northern counties to also separate to form the State of Jefferson.

    Back when republics were leaving the U.S.S.R., most everyone thought it a wonderful thing. So yes, sovereignity, independence and self-determination is in accordance with Liberty! And on that we should all agree. --Ron W

    1. Back when republics were leaving the U.S.S.R., most everyone thought it a wonderful thing. So yes, sovereignity, independence and self-determination is in accordance with Liberty! And on that we should all agree. -

      Hear ! Hear!

  4. "California" would be left with enclaves around the bay area, Hell A and Sacramento. All the people who actually work will quickly apply for readmission to the Union. The first thing they will do is scrap all of the stupid environmental regulations. Gov. Moonbeam can forget his high speed rail through the central valley. All the defense industries will pack up and move out. All that will be left is a big bowl of granola. Fruits, nuts and loose flakes. One has to wonder where California, already over a trillion dollars in debt, is going to get the cash to pay their share of the national debt and to pay for all the Federally owned parks, forests and reserves. If we could just carve off the Bay Area and LA. I'd be all for it but I seriously doubt it will happen.

  5. Doesn't anyone in leadership in CA realize that the loss of every Federal dollar and program will immediately cripple their state?

  6. I take exception with "The north" being included here. New York is made up of the city, Albany & Buffalo where elections are concerned. Back in the early '90's Charlie "Taxes? What Taxes?" Rangel said in a live interview that "The politics of this state are not going to be held hostage by a bunch of toothless, inbred farmers from upstate." This in a response to several counties in the upper part of the state where the residents were howling mad that they were going to be forced to foot the bill for an increase in the transportation taxes needed to upgrade a part of the subway infrastructure.
    Ask most people who reside in the counties north of Westchester and outside Albany & Buffalo if they'd like to secede from the rest of the state and you'll get a resounding "yes". Most of the people residing in those parts of the state despise the city and Albany. Most of the rest of the state is filled with folks like the ones on your states. The problem is is that the state will never split, there simply aren't enough numbers in those other counties for a secession vote.

    1. upstate

      When I went to Cooperstown for a deb party in '63 it was very similar to Loudoun and Fauquier counties in northern Virginia where we were from. Went up with a Confederate flag fkying from the car's antenna! :) I hope Cooperstown hasn't been infiltrated by liberals as has northern Virginia.