Thursday, August 3, 2017

Silver Lining: Massive Confederate Battle Flags in Danville Double as Yankee/Scalawag/Carpetbagger Repellent!

True story out of Danville: a realtor was showing a couple around town. They were transferring from New York. When they passed the first giant battle flag, the couple expressed concern but the realtor explained about the history and heritage of Danville being the last Capital of the Confederacy and they seemed to accept the explanation . When they passed the second flag he repeated the information and the wife, who was seated in the back seat, appeared shaken. After passing a THIRD flag, the wife leans up and whispers into her husband's ear, at which time the man turns to the realtor and tells him that he can cut the house hunting short because they would NOT be moving to Danville, Virginia.

It seems our giant beautiful flags serve yet another useful purpose: Yankee/carpetbagger repellent!

You're welcome, Danville!


  1. Excellent.....more peaceful than the "final" Yankee solution we have been known to use ! :)

  2. Yankees are like roaches, see one and there are million hidden somewhere. Next thing you'll get queer clubs, drug dens, and transexuals.