Sunday, September 17, 2017

THEY Haven't given up yet...WE can't either - Speak up to save our History!


                       Woman's Monument at Historic Confederate Park in Springfield 

In a shocking assault in our history, the thugs and domestic terrorists desecrated two of our beautiful memorials and vandalized Robert E. Lee School's sign.

Tomorrow the City Council meets again and we need to DEMAND that they HOLD these domestic terrorists accountable and that our HISTORY be protected.

They must enact a protection bill that would protect our history and punish those who disrespect it. All veterans deserve respect and freedom of expression doesn't include using public war memorials as a BILLBOARD!

Please show up tomorrow afternoon at 5 p.m. Downtown at City Hall.

You don't have to give a long speech - the short the better: "PROTECT OUR HISTORY - ARREST THE VANDALS - PASS A PROTECTION BILL"

St. James Bldg.
117 N. Duval Street, Jacksonville
1st Floor

Thank you!

-Together We can
-Save Our Jacksonville History Coalition

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