Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fusion GPS to House: We'll take Fifth rather than testify on Trump dossier

Via Billy


On Oct. 4, the House Intelligence Committee subpoenaed Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm at the center of the Trump dossier affair. On Monday, the company told the House what it can do with its subpoena. Fusion GPS chief Glenn Simpson and two others will "invoke their constitutional privileges not to testify," Simpson's lawyers told the committee in a letter. The panel shouldn't even bother to call Simpson to the hearing room, the lawyers said, because he won't answer their questions under any circumstances.

It seems unlikely the House will grant that request. If Simpson and two other GPS officials are going to assert their right against self-incrimination, lawmakers, or at least the majority Republican lawmakers on the committee, will want to hear it first-hand.

What is striking about Fusion's refusal is the form it took. Notifying the House that Simpson and the others will not testify took one paragraph. Yet Fusion sent a 17-page letter to the intelligence committee, going to great lengths to argue that Chairman Devin Nunes is not qualified to issue the subpoena.

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