Monday, October 16, 2017

Ken Burn's Propaganda Compilation on the 'Vietnam War'

 Boy walking past wall with writing that urges people to flee south from the Communists in Hanoi, Vietnam, 1954. 



AVVBA on Kens Burn's Commie Piece

Documentary on the Vietnam War: a great lie + 2

Review Of Ken Burn's Vietnam PBS Series by Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Sang: " An one-sided, half-truth documentary unworthy of watching."

Lessons from the Vietnam War: The Establishment Media Misinformation Campaign Continues

“Everything is a big lie, To our people, Ho Chi Minh was a big liar and immoral.”

The Tragedy of the PBS-Ken Burns Version of the Vietnam War

Justifying Betrayal of Vietnam Emerges as the Raison d’être Of Ken Burns’ Film on the War

The Documentary “The Vietnam War”: Artistic License as History

California’s Vietnam War: For Golden State Democrats, some Asians are more equal than others.


  1. Distortion of true history. Thank God for those who know
    better but Burn's gets the publicity for faux history.
    Brock, thought this might interest you:

    1. Thanks and the North gets the devastation as usual.................!:)