Sunday, October 22, 2017

Russia Dossier II? Richard Spencer Confirmed as Deep State Plant?

Via Billy


Spencer Kept Database, Photos of Alt-Right Members at Charlottesville

Media darling and Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer ran his own Discord chat server, where he required that Alt-Right members submit photographs and detailed personal information about themselves, before they were allowed to join the group planning the Charlottesville attacks.

We have already exposed how Spencer’s close friend and fellow Charlottesville rally organizer Jason Kessler watched while the terrorist attacks were planned on his personal Discord server.
On October 8threvealed that Richard Spencer employed his close friend, and suspected pedophile, “TheBigKK” to gather data and require photographs of everyone connected to the Charlottesville rally on August 12th. Spencer required these measures to be taken in order to extract EXIF geotagging data from the images, so that he could obtain the home addresses of his recruits.


  1. This sounds fake. There was no terrorist attack. The driver acted alone, and he hit the brakes before hitting the other car.

    Spencer seems fine. He's rough at times, and he and others seem to tolerate association with some bad people. The "don't punch Right" seems to mean de facto, "punch any who aren't Nazis". Because it seems only Nazis are protected by the "don't punch Right" rule. ("Punch" meaning "criticise", not literal.)

    Likely the CIA or someone like that is just publishing propaganda against Spencer.

    One can read RamzPaul on twitter attacking the Alt Right solidly in some areas. For example, RamzPaul revealed that some Nazi guy was actually himself Jewish :p

    1. This sounds fake.

      I believe so as another account hasn't surfaced.