Saturday, November 25, 2017

Cuban War Crimes in Vietnam

Via Jonathan


We had quite a few Cubans who attended our military school. A number went back to fight Castro and some were liquidated.

 “I decided to research the "Cuban Program" after repeated claims by the Administration, Senators John McCain and John Kerry, Ambassador Pete Peterson, and members of the Department of Defense (DOD) that the Vietnamese Government was ‘cooperating fully’ in resolving the POW/MIA issue. This is far from the truth. Senator McCain likes to make himself out as the speaker of the truth, but interestingly enough he did nothing regarding VN POWS supposedly tortured by the Cubans. In addition, The Cuban Program was evaluated by two of the Department of Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office's (DPMO) chief analysts Robert Destatte and Chuck Towbridge. Destatte also has the audacity to claim that the Vietnamese were unaware of the Cuban Program, and it was stopped once the Vietnamese found out that "Fidel" and the others were torturing the American POWs.”
The Cuban government is an oppressive regime known for its human rights violations. In late last year, sixteen American diplomats based at Havana's U.S. Embassy, appear to have suffered traumatic brain injury caused by a subsonic attack. President Trump has gone on the record accusing the Cubans of responsibility for the attacks. But this is not the first time it has experimented on Americans.

As a former Marine, Mike Benge believes that there were seventeen Americans held in the Villa Marista prison and confirms that there were Cubans who tortured American POWs in Vietnam. In 1968, he worked for the Agency for International Development, serving as a civilian economic and community development advisor.

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