Sunday, December 31, 2017

Who Wanted $700,000 to Get Someone to Accuse Donald Trump of Sexual Harassment?

Via Billy


During the latter stages of the 2016 presidential campaign ambulance chasing attorney Lisa Bloom presented a series of women she alleged had been sexually harassed, or worse, by Donald Trump at some previous point in his life. One of the accusers was a woman named Jill Harth who claimed Trump cornered her in his daughter’s bedroom (+10 for a salacious detail) and “groped” her. Another client alleged that Donald Trump had raped her when she was 13, but she backed out of a scheduled news conference and her identity remains unknown (at least to me).

Today the New York Times did a story on how sexual harassment claims have been weaponized by political partisans. One of the cases they focused on was the Trump allegations.

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