Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Congress Looking Toward Leakers in Ongoing Dossier “Small Team” Investigation….

Via Daily Timewaster


The walls continue closing inThe STORY IS GETTING OUT. The Bigger media voices will eventually catch up.   Right now the scale of the story is so large, and the consequences so damaging to the country and Obama legacy, the financially dependent media crews are scared to call it out… But that won’t last too much longer.  Ever cautious Rush Limbaugh is nibbling around the edges… –See Here–  Joe DiGenova outlined a big part again today on WMAL –See Here– They can’t ignore it much longer.


 : ♦The Steele dossier is a product financed by Hillary Clinton, orchestrated by Fusion-GPS, Glenn Simpson and Mary B. Jacoby.  ♦The Dossier was aided by Nellie Ohr, hired to create an underpinning for DOJ National Security Division FISA application used to legalize the surveillance of the Trump Campaign.  ♦The FISA application was a combined product using FISA 702(17) upstream email collection and phone surveillance, along with the Christopher Steele ‘Dossier’. ♦FBI agent Peter Strzok, DOJ Deputy Bruce Ohr and FBI/DOJ lawyer Lisa Page, under the authority granted to them by senior FBI and DOJ leadership, constructed the FISA application


  1. Trudging Down the path to insanity.


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