Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Goodies from Ol' Remus

 Alfred Stevens, After The Ball, 1873

  News media, Front Page - These days the media needs Trump more than ever. Its old purpose, reporting the news, is as dead as the telegraph. President Trump makes their jobs, raises and bonuses possible. He’s the reason why media outlets have started expanding their investigative resources. The media could stop any time. But it’s too greedy to stop. Trump has hooked the media on himself. President Trump beat the media by using its worst impulses against it. And he’s taunting the media with the truth about its motivations and exposing the lie that it tells itself. He’s reminding media elites that behind their posturing, they will hypocritically betray their leftist ideals and win him another election.

  Market-Ticker - Jail. Now. ... Not only must Bundy and his sons (and the third man) be fully compensated for all of their economic losses, including their attorneys fees, the prosecutor and everyone involved in it under his direction must be imprisoned for the full term of years sought by them against Bundy

  Daily Mail - Photo , Earth and the moon from three million miles away

  Taki's Magazine - The Left-Wing Cannibal Holocaust ... the left is eating itself alive at a record pace

  Art Of Manliness - The 4 F's of Fighting ... find 'em, fix 'em, fight 'em, finish 'em. Army combat training from 1952.


  The wall, Raconteur Report - 2,000 miles of border wall is vastly less complex than, say Interstate 5, which runs from Irvine, CA all the way to Hongkouver in Canuckistan. Bitch at it we might, but TPTB seem to have figured it out before Freddy was out of short pants, and it only represents somewhere around ten or fifty times the cubic footage of material involved in making The Great Wall Of China, so I don't think the border wall is going to strain anyone's noggin or back to accomplish. He swoons to note that it could be $7-20B, plus maintenance. Last I looked, illegals cost us $116B/yr. So even taking Fred's nightmare projections of napkin math, the wall will pay for itself by March 21st of the first year it's up.

 art-remus-ident-04.jpg This is a response to Fred Reed's essay, The Wall, the Sound and the Fury: And Not Much Else. Sometimes Mr. Reed's "check engine" light comes on without him noticing it.


  Invasion, Vox Day - Immigration is invasion. It always has been. And if you're dumb enough to believe otherwise, well, don't cry when you lose your territory and your ability to rule yourself, because it is absolutely and inevitably going to happen. And, to be blunt, you deserve to lose it, because you refused to defend it. America is endangered and the USA is in its death throes because Americans were stupid enough to swallow their own bullshit when it was fed to them in a poisoned variant. The astonishing idiocy of Americans, who believed that invading foreigners would genuinely sacrifice the interests of themselves, their families, and their peoples in order to become imitation Americans will be marveled at by future historians.

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