Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Shithole Debate: Even the libs know that Trump got it right.

Via John

It remains for race realists to explain why it is not only permissible, but moral to resist replacement. Public policy should not be defined by cowardice and hypocrisy. And America was not founded in order to become just another shithole.

President Donald Trump has been a disappointment in many ways. He’s inspired a fanatical leftist counter-reaction. The racial dissident movement is weaker after his first year in office than it was before he was elected. And the demographic transformation of America continues.

Yet we should not regret his election, for President Trump has the singular ability to reveal truths our opponents would prefer to leave unspoken. Sometimes, he bluntly announces these truths himself. Sometimes, the reactions of his foes speak more loudly than even he ever could. Both phenomena are at work in “Shitholegate,” a media firestorm that despite its crudity has sparked what may be the single most important debate on immigration policy since the Jordan Commission.


  1. It was a comment that's inappropriate for a President, but to paraphrase Al Gore, it was also an inconvenient truth. Someone pointed out that Wheel of Fortune doesn't award all expense paid vacations to Haiti. Who wants to live in Haiti? The answer is no one.

  2. Comment from Amren. If this is true, then we are being duped.
    Obama did what ever he wanted no matter who disagreed and got
    his way. I expected when Trump was crowned he would come out
    with guns blazing - not so. Comment:
    Please read Title VIII United States Code 1182 [f]. There you will see that the president has the statutory authority, for the entirety of his presidency if he chooses, to forbid all legal immigration, or to pick and choose which countries immigrants may come from, or which races are allowed to immigrate. It is not a dictatorial power; it is a statutory one. But Trump has chosen not to exercise it (or barely to, with his moratorium on entry from seven Middle-Eastern states).

    1. Well, that is certainly interesting. All I found was this:

      (F) Subject of civil penalty
      (i) In general

      An alien who is the subject of a final order for violation of section 1324c of this title is inadmissible.
      (ii) Waiver authorized

      For provision authorizing waiver of clause (i), see subsection (d)(12).

    2. I don't know. They seem to twist everything like the
      American Dream which belongs to American's, not them.
      Now, it's nothing more than a slave colony to
      international finance. Operation Wetback was historical
      and succeeded without all the crazies. I am not a
      Eisenhower fan d/t the German Holocaust but here is a
      piece by VDARE:

    3. Thanks.

  3. The American Dream: History