Thursday, February 8, 2018

Patrick J. Buchanan: Trump–Middle American Radical

Via Frank

President Trump is the leader of America’s conservative party.

Yet not even his allies would describe him as a conservative in the tradition of Robert Taft, Russell Kirk or William F. Buckley.

In the primaries of 2016, all his rivals claimed the mantle of Mr. Conservative, Ronald Reagan. Yet Trump captured the party’s heart.

Who, then, and what is Donald Trump?

In a Federalist essay, “Trump Isn’t a Conservative–And That’s a Good Thing,” Frank Cannon comes close to the mark.

Trump, he writes, “would more accurately be described as a ‘radical anti-progressive'” who is “at war with the progressives who have co-opted American civil society.” Moreover, Trump “is willing to go further than any other previous conservative to defeat them.”

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  1. I'm sure everyone remembers Bush, spending six years as a punching bag. Never once uttering a single word of defense. He became a President in name only. We can only wonder what those six years might have been. If only he'd had the balls to fight back. For 50-years conservatives and republicans have been just that, punching bags. President Trump is standing up to the bullies and punching back. The media like all bullies is crying “Not Fair.” It is long past time to take the gloves off and start swinging. Unless the right is willing to go into the mud and fight the progressive left, then we lose. It is that simple. EVERY Republican should be studying President Trump. And then following his lead. Ignore the media and their criticism. Go around the media, call them out for the liars they are, and talk to the citizens. Without the media filter.

    Look at the Fake News media. Story after story how President Trump is losing support. Poll after poll showing how President Trump supporters are leaving. And the one poll never shown…President Trump’s approval is 4 points higher than Obama’s. President Trump is winning, now the rest of the right needs to follow his lead.


    1. Thanks.