Thursday, February 8, 2018

The NGOs Pushing A New Syria War

Via comment by Papa on US-Led Coalition Bombs Syrian Forces Following Isr...


  1. I was never in the military, my dad, and uncles all fought in WWII. Dad would never talk about what he did. All I know is he was on several islands in the Pacific. He was one of the men that went into the island caves and cleared them. When I was 18 after high school, I wasn’t sure what to do. I wasn’t sure if I should get a job, go to college, or join the military. It was one of the few times he ever told me what to do. Or rather what not to do, he told me not to go into the military. The strongest man I ever knew, had tears in his eyes, when he said not to join. I know his experience, changed him.

    Sorry for that preface but I wanted people to understand I never was in the military and why.

    These nonstop wars need to end. I think back to an old “Star Trek” episode. I forget the name, but it showed two planets that had “civilized” war to the point it just continued. They would have a computer attack, and people would just go to a termination center. No damage, life just went on, much like we have today. We are fighting “civilized” wars where there is no reason to stop. We are fighting not to win, but just to continue fighting.

    War should and must be ugly and horrible. It should be so horrible people will accept peace to make it stop. War is NEVER won on a battlefield. War is won, when the citizens of the country say enough. Ugly and terrible as it is, to win a war you kill civilians until they force their government to stop. You bomb homes, hospitals, factories, and schools, until the citizens say enough. Until we can accept the truth about war, it will continue and never end.

    We are spending the blood of our youth and the treasure of our country on never ending war. If we want the war to stop, then we need to make unlimited war and destroy the enemy until they are all dead or say we surrender.


    1. Yes and just think, we could have had Ron Paul instead of Obama for the 4 years. What a difference our country would be today.