Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Senator Chuck Grassley BLASTS Failed Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Via Billy

He may well be fired after this and his traitorous remarks related to the Late Unpleasantness.  Good riddance to bad rubbish.
“It’s Senator Sessions talking, not a person whose job it is to execute law, and quite frankly I’m very incensed,” he told POLITICO.
What Sessions’ letter “doesn’t recognize here,” Grassley added, “and why I’m incensed about it is, look at how hard it was for me to get him through committee in the United States Senate. And look at, when the president was going to fire him, I went to his defense.”
The Iowa Republican said “all kinds of” potentially polarizing Justice Department nominees who have proven “very difficult to get through the United States Senate” have also landed in his lap as chief of the influential Judiciary Committee.
“If he wanted to do this,” Grassley said of Sessions, “he should have done what people suggested to him before: resign from attorney general and run for the Senate in Alabama again. We’d have a Republican senator.”


  1. Sessions is acting like a timid, feeble, weak person.
    He's fixated on people smoking "gateway drug" weed, and its related asset forfiture, while bigger sh** is hitting the fan.
    Or, maybe he's playing that 4D chess we keep hearing about (eyes rolling).
    We screwed.

  2. It is as if he is not the same man he was only a couple of years ago. I honestly believe the "Deep State", one way or another, has him over a barrel.

  3. Indeed.

    The lesson here folks:

    Never task a swamp critter to clean up a swamp.

  4. Grassley da' man! He's represented my district, then state & only pissed me off a couple times in all those years.