Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Training Tomorrow’s Social Justice Warriors

Via Billy

American public schools are forcing leftist propaganda on our children. 
What should we teach our children? What is the purpose of education?

If “education is the transmission of civilization,” as historian Will Durant said, then what we teach the next generation defines society’s future. If we fail to transmit the civilization we inherited, it won’t survive.

Today’s educators are making a hard break with the past. They view their job not as the transmission of civilization but as a weapon of revolution. They seek to bend the minds of tomorrow’s citizens into the shape of the Brave New World they want to create.

You’ve heard the stories of university curricula replacing classic academic courses with fluffy, pseudoscientific “studies” in gender, race, sexuality, multiculturalism and so on. Even so, you may be shocked to learn how aggressively this anti-academic approach is infiltrating secondary and primary schools.

The public school system in Edina, Minnesota, is in the vanguard of this movement.


  1. This must be an example of their Brave New World - he's
    communist too:

    The dead bodies being left lying on the floor in the school
    really bugs me - they should have long ago gone to the coroner.

    Hey, Brock, you doing okay? Did you contract the flu?


      Thanks, I'm well and hope you are also.

  2. Every time I see that picture of that communist "professor:, I want to punch her in the mouth. And I really do not believe in hitting women.