Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Anarchist "black bloc": Woman who went undercover in Trump inauguration protest to testify

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Woman who went undercover in Trump inauguration protest to testify
"Ms. McMahon will further opine that, in her training and experience, the 'black bloc' tactic is only used when individuals within the group intend to engage in acts of violence and destruction, and that the 'black bloc' tactic is a known term within the anarchist movement," prosecutors said in the court document.
Federal prosecutors plan to call a woman who was undercover in an anarchist "black bloc" protest during January 2017 protests against President Trump's inauguration to testify in the next round of criminal trials for alleged riot participants, BuzzFeed News reports. '

Court papers filed this month by prosecutors say that the woman, who's known by the alias "Julie McMahon," will testify in the March 26 trial. It's unclear who McMahon was working for while she was undercover.

The trial is the latest round of charges against defendants accused of Inauguration Day rioting, with five defendants facing charges related to property damage.

McMahon, who previously spent years undercover in "an anarchist extremist group" in New York, will testify to the court on the "black bloc" tactic, a strategy that city police believe many of the 200 people arrested for rioting employed to avoid identification as they engaged in violence and destruction during the protests.

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