Tuesday, March 13, 2018

In Startling Reversal, Scientific American Counsels People to ‘Chill Out’ over Global Warming

 Climate activists demonstrate in Paris, Saturday, Dec.12, 2015 during the COP21, the United Nations Climate Change Conference. Several environmental and human rights groups are planning protests around Paris to call attention to populations threatened by man-made global warming and urge an end to human use of oil, gas and coal. (AP Photo/Thibault Camus)

Apocalyptic scenarios attributed to global warming are simply false and the human race will be able to accommodate whatever “climate change” throws at us, claims a remarkably sober new essay in Scientific American.

The essay, penned by John Horgan, the director of the Center for Science Writings at the Stevens Institute of Technology, analyzes two recent reports by “ecomodernists” who reject climate panic and frame the question of climate change and humanity’s ability to cope with it in radically new terms.

One of the reports, a work called “Enlightened Environmentalism” by Harvard iconoclast Steven Pinker, urges people to regain some much-needed perspective on climate, especially in the context of the overwhelming material benefits of industrialization.

Pooh-poohing “the mainstream environmental movement, and the radicalism and fatalism it encourages,” Pinker argues that humanity can solve problems related to climate change the same way it has solved myriad other problems, by harnessing “the benevolent forces of modernity.”

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  1. The “Global Warming” faithful, call those that do not agree with their religion, science deniers. And yet it is those same religious fanatics that are denying science. They only parrot what they are told, ignoring the science of global warming during human history.

    Study some science, research the Pleistocene Era. Modern humans, Homo sapiens, lived during this period. Science says, temperatures were 9 degrees colder. And today, they are terrified of a 0.1 degree raise. Humans survived catastrophic global warming at the end of the Pleistocene Era. Humans survived massive extinctions of numerous species of animals.

    We are also told sea levels might rise 6 feet. They predict it will end humanity. However, at the end of the Pleistocene Era, sea levels rose about 400 feet. And humans survived.

    Science is unsettled as to how long this took. The longest view is about 500 years. Most think 150 – 200 years. But there is a segment that believe this happened in a very short time period, perhaps only 4 – 10 years.

    It really does not matter. We have the science that proved humans survived global warming many times worse that anything predicted.


    1. It really does not matter. We have the science that proved humans survived global warming many times worse that anything predicted.

      Thanks for the good info.