Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Ravens & FRED, Shot Down 10 Times ‘Magnet Ass’, PLATT

Via comment by Dan Patterson on Ravens of Long Tieng

 Image result for FRED ‘MAGNET ASS’ PLATT
                              Fred Platt, in a neck brace, a cane in each hand, in his “party suit.”  

In his remarkable and factual book, “The Ravens,” author Christopher Robbins chronicles the cloak-and-dagger story of “The Men Who Flew in America’s Secret War in Laos” (Crown Publishers).

He prefaces it with thumbnail descriptions of the Ravens, “the skilled and incredibly brave men,” whose stories he tells.

Of Houstonian Fred Platt, he writes: “FRED ‘MAGNET ASS’ PLATT: A Texan with attitude, who took so many hits in his aircraft [on 111 different combat missions], his colleagues said he had a magnet in the seat of his pants. He survived the hell of crashed landings and being shot down only to enter a nightmare journey of recovery back in the USA.”

On this Veterans Day, we salute the man whose buddies originally dubbed him “Cowboy” – Capt. Alfred “Fred” Platt, U.S. Air Force Retired.