Sunday, March 4, 2018

Viginia Delegate Nick Freitas Speech on Floor of House of Delegates on Guns

Via Daniel


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    1. As do I.

  2. Total common sense at last...

  3. Regarding Gun Control / Violence
    Why is it that I can’t see cigarette commercials on TV?
    Or someone drinking alcohol in a commercial?
    What about Janet’s wardrobe failure that shocked the world?
    BUT, I can see endless MURDERS on every type of media
    Why is there so much violence on the media?
    Simple answer, individual viewers find this to be entertainment.
    And media companies like what it does for the bottom line.
    Is this a factor in gun violence? It must be, if it weren’t there would be open alcohol, tobacco use in commercials and total nudity on TV.
    Solution, ban commercial violence for profit by NOT watching it.
    This is what I have done as an individual instead of putting the blame on other groups or the government.
    It’s your choice. What will it be?

  4. Finally. Someone with the right amount of passion and backbone to tell it how it is. Well spoken...argue that!!

    1. Some of the Democrats walked out during the speech, evidently couldn't stand hearing the truth,