Sunday, April 15, 2018

Against War on Syria

Via Nancy

Image result for Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr. house floor

Speech given by Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr. on House Floor 4/12/18

In the days leading up to the Congressional vote on whether to go to war in Iraq years ago, Fortune Magazine had an article headlined “We Win – What Then?”

The article said a prolonged war in Iraq would make American soldiers “sitting ducks for Islamic terrorists.”

Another national magazine at that time, U.S. News and World Report, had an article headlined, “Why the Rush to War?”

Now that war has been frequently referred to as possibly the greatest foreign policy mistake in U.S. History.

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  1. If there is one thing the United States has in abundance it's critics. The 24 hour news channels employ a legion of experts, the best of which served as 2nd Under-secretary of Dog Crap in the McKinley administration. Most have never been in decision-making roles, and none have current information. I don't know if destroying Syria's chemical producing infrastructure was the right thing to do, but I do know that those who made the decision, among the General Mattis, are much better informed than their critics. Time will tell whether the decision was right or wrong. Until then turn off the negativity and support try supporting the President and his administration.

    1. There was no reason at all for Syria to do this.