Thursday, April 12, 2018

Bank Of America Now Refuses Loans To Makers Of AR-15, Similar Rifles


It seems anti-gunners really want to end the private ownership of guns. Sure, right now they’re ramping up the pressure on the AR-15, but they will eventually spread to all guns once they secure that beachhead.

But let’s also be honest for a moment. They really don’t have the votes to make this happen, and they know that even if a blue wave sweeps through Congress, they’re still not going to have the votes.


  1. If a frontal assault doesn't work, try the flanks. We've seen similar things before such as restrictions on the purchase of ammunition. Next they will probably deny loans to purchase guns. This will be inconvenient, and discriminatory, but eventually someone else who wants to make money will offer step up. Gun owners should voice their displeasure with BOA by cancelling their accounts.

    1. I closed my CITI bank already.

      Welcome, WILLIAM
      Last sign on: Apr. 12, 2018 (12:27 PM ET) from computer.

      Access Account - 4448
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      Available Now is the amount in your account that is available for withdrawal. It does not include checks that haven't cleared, so the Available Now amount may sometimes be lower than your On Deposit balance.
      On Deposit

      On Deposit
      This reflects all credits to your account. It includes checks and other items that have not yet cleared and which are still subject to adjustment. Because it includes both, your On Deposit Balance may sometimes be greater than the amount that is Available Now.