Thursday, April 19, 2018

Farage: Soros, Blair attempt to force a second referendum has run into the ground


Nigel Farage has used his latest speech in the European Parliament to highlight his concern over the Brexit deal from a British perspective – but also to express his view that the attempt by George Soros, Tony Blair and others to make the British people vote again “has now run into the ground”.

Speaking in Strasbourg, Farage said: “The George Soros-funded attempt, headed up by Tony Blair and others, to get the British to have a second referendum, you know the old trick that was tried on Denmark and Ireland in the past, that has now run into the ground. There isn’t gonna be a second referendum and we are going to leave on the 29th March next year. The historic break is coming and once we’re a sovereign country once again we will be able to unpick this mess.

“So there’s more good news than bad news.”

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