Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Forget the Confederacy, Now Social Justice Warriors Go After Union Statues

Via Billy

The statue of Union soldier and one of America’s more effective presidents is meeting the fate as Robert E. Lee's did.

Anyone who thought last year’s war on Confederate statues was a passing phase doesn’t know Social Justice Warriors very well at all. They are continuing to push us into an era where if you aren’t feeling aggrieved, offended, or persecuted, you aren’t doing your part for “justice.”

And now, the statue of a former Union Civil War soldier and one of America’s more effective presidents, William McKinley, is meeting the same fate as Robert E. Lee did just months ago:
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  1. Good. Tear down the Lincoln Memorial.

  2. When they came for the confederate statues I said nothing...

    1. The Flaggers especially the Virginia ones are making success fortunately.

  3. The simplest action from our side can be done without spending a cent - MAKE HIRING ILLEGAL ALIENS A CRIME WITH A HEFTY FINE OR PRISON TIME FOR U.S. BUSINESS OWNERS. Allow the illegals the dignity of self deporting themselves out. There is a whole world out there - the U.S. isn't the only country in the world you know.

    Good point.