Monday, April 30, 2018

Pope Francis: Ban All Weapons

 Pope Francis: Ban All Weapons

Today on Twitter, the head of the Roman Catholic Church called for a ban on all weapons. Pope Francis asserted that the mere presence of weapons makes us constantly live in fear of war.

Other Popes have acknowledged that weapons do indeed create a certain environment of fear. Church leaders have called for bans on certain types on weapons, such as nuclear weapons, but none have called for an outright ban on all weapons. The naiveté of this comment is pretty remarkable for several reasons.

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  1. Has anyone seen the arsenal in the Vatican the Swiss Guard possesses? The Pope is a Hypocrite in cahoots with Commie George Soros. Don't listen. head off get an AR (Armalite Rifle) and practice. That is your only salvation, not the Catholic church.

  2. The Catholic Church will burn to the ground. I don't care about it.
    What will we do to survive the apocalypse and restore the planet? Fuck the priests and popes, Wait, no, don't. That's what they do.
    Make babies and grand babies, like the book says, eat your veggies, like the book says.
    The rest will take care of itself.

  3. Great idea. You first.


  4. Not only is that guy an idiot, he serves as a "useful idiot" in the commie-cause.

    1. he serves as a "useful idiot" in the commie-cause.


  5. 'El Papa' appears to be ignorant of the phrase...

    ...'sell your cloak, and buy a sword?'