Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Bret Easton Ellis: ‘Leftist Hysteria,’ Thought Police Will Create Many More Kanyes

Not having political discussions with anyone anymore. Done. Too much insanity. Another dinner ruined. People are fucking crazy. Get a grip.

Screenwriter and author Bret Easton Ellis believes there’s a backlash brewing against “leftist hysteria” in Hollywood and sees a future where more celebrities, such as Kanye West, rebel against the liberal orthodoxy that has taken over Tinseltown.

“As someone who considers themselves a disillusioned Gen-X’er, I think there IS a backlash brewing against leftist hysteria. What I used to semi-align myself with has no answers for anything right now, just constant bitching and finding ways to delegitimize an election,” Ellis told the Observer. 

“That is not a plan for 2020, and if I was a hardcore Democrat I’d be very worried despite the blue wave of 2018, that may or may not fully arrive,” the American Psycho said.

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