Wednesday, May 9, 2018

DOJ Redactions in #RussiaGate Hoax Prove Slimy, Self-Serving Scam


Few political observers worth their salt in America these days believe that Robert Mueller’s prolonged investigation into the #RussiaGate conspiracy theory is going anywhere worthwhile, yet the mainstream media insists on covering every minute detail of the probe as though their lives depend on it.

This could be more true than not, given the horrendous decline and decimation of the liberal media in recent months, kicked off by their own inept bias being weaponized in the wake of America’s conservative enlightenment.  These harbingers of harmful spin are the dinosaurs of our age, and they’ve seen the meteor called “The Internet” coming for a good long time.  They’ve chosen not to evolve, and are currently throwing a temper tantrum, live, on-air, for the entirety of their 24/7 cycle.

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