Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Latest Teen Trend Leaves Kids With Second-Degree Burns

Via John

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The latest viral teen challenge is leaving kids with burns so severe some require hospitalization.
The "Deodorant Challenge" dares kids to spray aerosol deodorant onto their bare skin or onto someone else's bare skin for as long as they can stand it, with the aerosol rapidly cooling the skin and causing a frostbite condition similar to a burn. A 15-year-old in South Gloucestershire, England is still recovering after taking part three weeks ago. The burns are so severe on her arm she may need a skin graft, the teen's mom Jamie Prescott, said on Facebook.

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  1. And the Libs want to lower the voting age to 16. More voting fodder for Democrats, of course. Kids are so stupid they don't know they're stupid.

    1. Kids are so stupid they don't know they're stupid.


    2. Eating Tide Pods, snorting condoms, and now this. It has been said "If only stupidity were painful..." It this case apparently it is, but I doubt they will learn much.

      Such deliberately self-destructive behiviour seems to indicate something seriously wrong with a large swath of this generation. I blame the public education system in general and the NEA specifically. I can only see it getting worse.

    3. I can only see it getting worse.

      Fully agree.