Saturday, June 9, 2018

A Weapon Far More Important Than The AR-15

Via John

Technology continues to advance at an unprecedented rate, and the technology of weaponry is no different. The science fiction of ten or twenty years ago is now becoming a reality. Killer robots are on the rise. And no, I’m not joking (as you will see below). There has been a loud debate in recent months over citizens’ rights to own AR-15s. Gun rights advocates are strongly in favor of citizens having the right to own AR-15s and so am I. The government-backed anti-gun groups are against this right for obvious reasons. However, to compensate for rapidly evolving technology, citizens will need to adopt a new weapon soon.


  1. This should terrify everyone. The military of course is building some super weapons. But you, I, or a terrorist could build something extremely lethal for 1-100th the cost. My choice of weapon for the platform. I’d select 2-4 Vepr 12GA Tactical Shotgun. Each equipped with an SGM Tactical Vepr 12ga, 25 Round Drum. So now I have 50 to 100 rounds loaded with 00-buckshot. Each round equal nine, 9mm slugs. Cost for weapons and magazines roughly $3600.

    You can buy an electric ATV for under $400. Then add another $1500 to $2500 for servos, controllers, and camera. And you have a deadly platform for under $7,500.

    If you was a terrorist. Think of rolling one of these out of a van into a crowd and driving away. Hide the guns under advertising displays offering free handouts and play happy music. Wait for the crowd to surround the toy and open up. Not hard, not expensive, but deadly.

    If and when the SHTF, think of have a couple or three of these to guard your hideaway. Long distance observation and communication. With the ability to neutralize any hostile foe. These kinds of platforms are inexpensive and easy to build. So far they need human control. But we are fast approaching the AI ability to make them autonomous. Then they become a real danger.


  2. Why does the government 'need'...a killer robot?

    1. To kill us peons who don't obey their edicts.....:)