Saturday, June 30, 2018

Carolina Day

Throw thy bold banner to the breeze!
Front with thy ranks the threatening seas
Like thine own proud armorial trees,
– Henry Timrod

The words above reminded me of:

"Forever float that standard sheet,
Where breathes the foe but falls before us;
With freedom's soil beneath our feet,
And freedom's banner streaming o'er us."

 (My G, G Grandfather - Tariff Must Be Reduced)


June 28th is an official holiday in the state of South Carolina, although outside of Charleston, it has almost entirely been forgotten. South Carolina’s Code of Laws, 53-3-140, reads as follows:

June twenty-eighth of each year, the anniversary of the Battle of Fort Sullivan in 1776, is declared to be “Carolina Day” in South Carolina.

Known as Palmetto Day or Sergeant Jasper’s Day prior to 1875, this day marks one of the defining moments of the South Carolina’s antebellum history and would set the tone for the major role she would play in the War to Prevent American Independence —a war in which British troops, at the behest of King George III, tried to coerce 13 seceded colonies back into the British Empire.

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