Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Army to scrap traditional pushups, situps as part of fitness test

Via Billy

The U.S. Army will roll out its new fitness test by 2020. This image shows Staff Sgt. Joel Demillo performing the standing power throw event during a pilot for the Army Combat Fitness Test. (Image: U.S. Army)

Military officials say the U.S. Army will roll out its new and improved fitness test by October 2020.
The Army Physical Fitness Test that soldiers have known since the 1980s — 2 minutes of pushups;

2 minutes of situps; the 2-mile run — will be retired before the end of the decade. While the 2-mile run will still conclude the assessment, five other events seen as a better predictor of successfully completing combat tasks have been added.


  1. I think my high school PE teacher had the best idea of push ups situps and around the track four times [one mile] every day. He told me that some gym teachers give a regimen to their students thinking the students would continue it in collage and later. He said that is not his philosophy. Rather his philosophy was to get his students into shape then and there an not depend on what would happen after high school.

    I like sit ups. But running is taking me time to get back into after leaving it for too long.

    1. get his students into shape then and there an not depend on what would happen after high school.

      A good man.

  2. This has been replaced with two minutes of assuming the yoga position "downward dog" and two minutes of going to your safe space. Four minutes of each qualifies for the Ranger tab, six minutes for special forces.

    Eight minutes gets you into the diversity command.

  3. At least the additional exercises are a real measure. In the Air Force we had the bicycle test to get your hear rate up and a 90 second cool down to see how fast you recovered. If you were a runner that ran 30 or more minutes 4 to 5 times a week you could not get your heart rate up to the testing level within the time frame specified on a bicycle. So you failed the test. The ones who passed the test were the ones who smoked or did minimal endurance training.

    The second year I failed it our unit commander was in my group and he also failed. That afternoon we went for a 3 mile run and discussed strategy on passing the PT test.