Sunday, July 15, 2018

France: A Second Jihad in the Bataclan?

Via Mike"Something is rotten in France.  I am not in sympathy with French-bashing. It is historically ignorant for one thing. For example, Americans would not have won our War of Independence without the help of France and especially the French Navy. France has given us all much that is worthy of honor in music, art, literature, and science. My favorite theologian (John Calvin) was French. If it had not been for a French military leader, Charles Martel, who defeated an invading Muslim army near Tours in France in 732, all Europe might have become part of an Islamic Caliphate. Napoleon Bonaparte's military tactics and administrative polices are still studied around the world. In my opinion, French wines and restaurants are among the best.There is much that is beautiful in France, but there is also something  rotten in France that is may soon destroy both beauty and freedom.  I am both outraged and heartbroken. Moreover, the rot of spiritual and moral decay in France is present and spreading in most of Western Europe, the United States and Canada."


  • Organizations representing the families of the Bataclan victims said that an Islamic rap concert praising jihad, in a place where people were murdered and tortured by jihadists, would be an insult to the memory of the victims, and asked that the concerts be canceled.
  • "France is at war, and leaves the enemy in peace". — Ivan Rioufol, journalist, in Le Figaro.
  • Macron and the French government speak and act as if the enemy has won and as if they want to gain some time and enjoy the moment before the final surrender.

     "The French Suicide" ("Le suicide français") is a book published by the author Éric Zemmour in October 2014. Just one year later, on November 13, 2015 in Paris, a horror took place at the Bataclan Theater, when three terrorists fired into the crowd during a concert, murdered 130 people, and injured 413. Some of the victims had been tortured.

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