Sunday, July 15, 2018

Is Brett Kavanaugh 'one of us?'

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The populism and identity politics of the moment have some odd and confusing contours.

The white working class recently took over a party from a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant Connecticut dynasty with CIA roots. They took over by electing a billionaire real estate heir who lives in a golden mansion with his immigrant wife atop a tower on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. That populist hero just picked, for the world’s most powerful appointment, a Georgetown Prep grad who has spent his career in the Bush Republican Party and now lives in the Village of Chevy Chase with his wife and two daughters.

Tangled up with these weirdly drawn lines of identity is another odd phenomenon:


  1. He seems like he's the best, or among the top two best, of the four options we had.

    Cruz would be better.

    The system we have is very left-wing. Where would a right-wing option even come from? If there's a Bork out there, I wish he'd stand up.

    1. Not sounding good:

      Ann Coulter might be to blame for people getting tbehind Kavanaugh. She warned Barrett is a blank slate:

      Tough for me to say who is best.

    2. Thanks and there was a girl in the final three that I thought might be best.