Sunday, July 1, 2018

'Money Powers' dilemma with Confederate symbols

Via Billy

'Money Powers' dilemma with Confederate symbols, Old Georgia State Flag When I think of what is the real "problem" that the money powers have with any Confederate symbols today, it boils down to "Limits of Government, especially government spending, which would severely limit any avenues the money powers could use to further their financial gains". The 'money powers' don't see 'heritage' as a threat. Nor do the 'money powers' feel threatened by Southerns honoring Confederate soldiers who have passed on. 
What the 'money powers' fear is the ideals of Confederacy and what the Confederate soldier actually fought for, which is limits on government (both in spending, taxation), a system of checks and balances of power (via more rights to States) and the right of the people to self-determine their own government (secession). When Georgians fly the Old Georgia State flag, these supporters should be sure to state the real reason for flying the Old Georgia State flag which also contains Confederate symbology. . It's both an historical and living reference to the ideals of a limited Constitutional Republic and reining in the excesses of power in the hands of a few. No doubt those "few who have the reigns of power" don't like any ideals that would put limits on their power. This is the core reason the 'money powers' attack any Confederate symbols.