Friday, July 13, 2018

PICTURES: First Lady Melania Trump Plays 'bowls' with British War Veterans

First Lady Melania Trump met with ‘Chelsea Pensioners’ and school children at the renowned Royal Hospital retirement home for war veterans on Friday morning.

‘Chelsea Pensioners’ are residents at the Royal Hospital, which is a retirement home for former members of Britain’s army where “any former soldier of the British Army over the age of 65, who is facing spending their advanced years alone, can apply for residence as an In-Pensioner,” according to the Royal Hospital.

The Royal Hospital was founded by King Charles in 1682 as a retreat for veterans and was inspired by Les Invalides in Paris. It is home to around 300 male and female veterans including those who served in Korea, Cyprus, Northern Ireland, and World War II.

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  1. Now that is class, would the former first wookie have ever done that? And smiled too with white people around?

    1. Well, we lived somehow, through 8 years of them.

    2. Yes Brock we did live through 8 years of "them". But it left some deep scars.

  2. Bowling in stilettos with Veterans.

    First Lady Melania's popularity with British military just went through the roof.